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The British advance on Stanley in the final days of the conflict in 1982, was based on securing the nearby mountains overlooking the town. Mount Longdon, Mount Harriet and Two Sisters fell on June 11th, Wireless Ridge and Tumbledown on the 13th, Argentina surrendered the next day.
These places can be visited from Stanley, along with other 1982-related places such as Supper Hill, Moddy Brook, Mount William and Mount Kent, as day tours on 4WD vehicles.
Fitzroy settlement, facing Port Pleasant, near Bluff Cove, and halfway between Mount Pleasant and Stanley, was named after Robert FitzRoy, who sailed with Charles Darwin on HMS Beagle, in the XIX century.
The RFA Sir Galahad, and the RFA Sir Tristram, were badly damaged near Fitzroy on 8 June, 1982. Today, several memorials stand next to the settlement to remember the 49 British servicemen that were killed.

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