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Southeast of Lafonia, Bleaker Island offers not only a good range of seabird colonies, even near the settlement, but also excellent landscapes and a rich history of shipwrecks.
Bleaker Island features great inviting white sand beaches separated by sheltered coves, dramatic cliffs, and great wildlife. The island was previously known as Long Island and Breaker Island, on account of it acting as a natural wave break to Adventure Sound.
The wildlife highlight of the island is the rockhopper penguin colony of some 750 pairs situated only a short walk from the cottage. Further south, a gentoo penguin colony and scattering of magellanic penguins can be found. Next to the settlement, on Pebbly bay, elephant seals and sea lions come ashore from time to time.
In the first twenty years of the 20th century five ships were lost at Bleaker Island.

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