Malouines South Atlantic - Falkland Islands Experience

King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus), Volunteer Point © Ezequiel Gatti/Malouines.comWelcome to Malouines - Lifetime experiences

For those looking for truly different experiences, Malouines South Atlantic offers some of the most exciting and intriguing places on earth, destinations completely new for the tourist market.

Malouines South Atlantic, works with tailor-made journeys on private yatchs, small aircrafts and 4WD vehicles around the Falkland Islands archipelago, the South Atlantic and Antarctica. Our passengers, photographers, and jounalists, enjoy our expertise on extreme geographies and fauna, along with our outstanding customer satisfaction ratings.

Join this exclusive group of people whose love for geography, history and nature, leads them to the most remote paradises, experiences enhanced by our personalized service and exclusiveness, making your journey memorable in every way.

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