Falkland Islands Travel - Falkland Attractions: Hill Cove and Roy Cove

Map © Malouines.comHill Cove and Roy Cove

Camp life first-hand, the charming settlement of Hill Cove has plenty to offer visitors: sea and freshwater fishing, birdwatching, beachcombing, and comfortable homestay accomodation.
Hill Cove is next to the only forest in the Falklands, and its also possible to observe and participate in farm work at certain times of the year.
Roy Cove settlement is delightful, particularly in late spring when the yellow bloom of the gorse bushes add great dashes of colour. A very comfortable self-cattering cottage commands glorious views of Rabbit, Hammock and Middle Islands in King Goerge Bay. The destination provides a rare opportunity to try your hand at riding the Falklands style. Fishing and exploring the surrounding area and penguin colonies such as Port North and Stevely Bay, is also possible.

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