Falkland Islands Travel - Falkland Attractions: Cape Pembroke and Gypsy Cove

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Cape Pembroke is the most easterly point of the Falkland Islands and lies just over 7 miles due east of Stanley. Here stands the 18-meter high Cape Pembroke lighthouse, one of the most beautiful landmarks near Stanley, and MV Atlantic Conveyor memorial, lost in the 1982 conflict.
Gypsy Cove is a popular and picturesque beach just 10 minutes drive from Stanley. The area lies within the National Nature Reserve of Stanley Common and Cape Pembroke, and is one of the best places near he city to spot the Falklands wildlife.
Back in 1982, the argentine soldiers placed land mines on several beaches in the area, which are now fenced.
Gypsy Coveis home to a magellanic penguin colony of several hundred pairs.

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