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Port Louis was the first settlement in the Falkland Islands, and was founded by a French nobleman, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, in March 1764. The colony was sold to Spain three years later, who left in 1811. In 1823, the first Argentine Governor was appointed, followed by the French-born Hamburg merchant, Louis Vernet, who remained there until 1833, when the British returned and regained possession.
In 1842, Governor Moody, was intructed to move the capital to Stanley, which was favoured with a better harbour. Work began in Stanley in 1843 and most of the settlers transferred by late 1844. Port Louis remained a farm from then until the present day.
Today, Port Louis contains the oldest inhabited house in the Falklands, built in 1843 as a barracks, ruins of the French governor's house and fortress, and Vernet's settlement scattered nearby.

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