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San Carlos, code-named Blue Beach, was the first site of the British landing during the 1982 conflict with Argentina, along with Port San Carlos (Green Beach) and Ajax Bay (Red Beach).
Today, visitors can see the British Cemetery wich overlooks San Carlos Water, the area that became known as "Bomb Alley" following the fierce air attacks experienced by the British ships. The HMS Ardent, HMS Antelope, and HMS Coventry, were sunk there, and the MV Atlantic Conveyor, destroyed.
There is also a small museum at San Carlos, housing relics from 1982 and other general Falklands history.
It's a two-hour drive from Stanley, and a popular extension to the Darwin/Goose Green full day excursion. On the way to San Carlos, you will come across a number of stone corrals, remnants of the gaucho era. Perhaps the most well known of these is at Cerritos, at the base of Mount Osbourne, built in 1871.

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