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This island is one of the most visited places of the Falklands, and offers miles of spectacular black-browed albatross colonies, and four species of penguin.
This 30,000 acre island, about 3 miles off the north west coast of West Falkland, is still an active sheep farm. Accomodation is offered on three different areas of Saunders: the settlement, next to first British settlement of 1765 (Port Egmont), Rookery Mt, near to rockhoppers and albatross colonies, and The Neck, a narrow sandy isthmus, which happens to be the prime wildlife hotspot of the island.
All acomodation is self-cattering, the settlement’s shop offers tinned and dry food, drinks, eggs, meat and milk, and sometimes fresh bread can also be supplied.
Saunders Island, may have to be booked as far as one year in advance.

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