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Sea Lion, the southernmost inhabited island of the Falklands, with a resident population of only five, boasts a spectacular display of wildlife, and itís one of the most popular destinations.
Tussac plantations cover one fifth of Sea Lion, a beautiful place that also has sand beaches, cliffs, fresh water ponds and heath land, all within easy walking distance of the purpose built Sea Lion Lodge. The small island is only is only 5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.
Among the 47 different species of breeding birds to be viewed on the island, you will find the internationally protected striated caracara, one of the strangest birds of pray of the world, and 3 different kinds of penguins (magellanic, rockhoppers and gentoo).
Pods of killer whales can be spoted as they circle the island in pursuit of marine mammals that breed there.

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