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This small island lying off the northwest corner of West Falkland is a popular destination for small adventure cruise ships on their way to Antarctica, but although it has an airstrip, its very weather dependant and rarely visited from Stanley. The easiest way to get to this compact paradise is by boat from nearby Carcass Island.
Mount Ararat (242m) to the north and Cliff Mountain (369m) and Mount Misery to the south, tumble almost directly into the sea, giving West Point the highest cliffs of the Falklands.
The main destination for visitors to this island is Devil's Nose, a rocky promontory which is home to over 2000 pairs of black-browed albatross along with about 500 pairs of rockhopper penguins.
As well as the rich wildlife, the picturesque settlement and small harbour, often teaming with dolphins makes this island well worth a visit.

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